Looking for a fresh process? A new angle? A way to access content? 

A hike through the imagination, a careful notice of the physical world, a dedicated path to the content store within you, Creative Arts Process Cards can inspire your next project. The cards encourage you to engage deeply, work slowly, providing an impulse and the freedom to make a project of your own.

Draw three cards at random from each of the three numbered sets: Notice, Practice, and Realize, and follow the suggested process. Notice cards give you a starting point, an action to undertake in the physical world where you gather notes and sketches. The Practice cards guide you to experiment with the content you collected and are a bridge between your notes and the Realize cards, which suggest a final shape or form.

Additionally, you may opt to choose an Exchange card that gives you permission to exchange zero, one, two, or three cards or use it to decide which one of the numbered cards to exchange. Try using the deck in a class or group and see how one draw can inspire a variety of projects to emerge. The deck provides endless possibilities.

The deck includes 52 cards: Title card (1); Play cards with instructions (4); Reading card with book suggestions (1); #1 Notice cards (14); #2 Practice cards (14); #3 Realize cards (14); Exchange cards (4), all housed in an accessible clear acrylic two-piece box.

To serve as an alternate starting point, each card is paired with an original photograph by Alisa Golden, designer and creator of the deck, and editor of *82 Review.

The most common question asked a writer or artist is, “Where do you get your ideas?” And the most common complaint by a writer or artist or student is, “I can’t think of a subject. I don’t know what to do for content.” The creative process can be difficult, but sometimes the best way to access content is by focusing on just one thing at a time. The creative process is never easy, but Creative Arts Process Cards can help ease you onto the path.

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