I am primarily looking for art with a narrative. Tell a story in an image that takes us to another world. Guidelines: Send up to five images in each submission. Artists may write first and send website info, if desired.

  Images: 4.5 inches horizontally, hi-res, 300 ppi, .jpg or .png files

Someone asked me how I decided what images to publish in *82. For the magazine, I’m generally looking for work that has at least one of these qualities:

—catches a moment in time that someone else won’t or can't see
—has a particular mystery to it

—makes an object seem to come alive or suggest a feeling or mood
—has shadows or a figure in a landscape but from a distance or from behind
—contains something unusual or humanmade in a natural setting
—shows city textures but more than just a formal look at composition and color
—offers a view where the reader is the subject
—has humor but also a deeper element
—does not look at woman or any person as an object or other
—encourages our connection to humanity
—has a subtle message
—is an image that changes how we see the world
—has a contrast or interaction

—contains interesting marks that show the hand or that someone or something was there

And I tend to avoid specific portraits or images of people.

For general guidelines and more categories, please see: https://star82review.submittable.com/submit