This category must have both writing and art to be considered. For *82, this means one written piece side by side with one image, NOT layered. What I look for:
—A high-quality, compelling photo, often mysterious, beautiful, or humorous, that draws the viewer in

—Short prose or poetry that complements, but doesn’t explain or repeat what the image says

—Short prose or poetry that is also poetic, mysterious, subtle, inclusive, compassionate, with no antagonism toward others and not overtly said

—In general, I don’t accept photo portraits and prefer objects and landscapes/interiors that set the stage and mood for the writing.

  The image and the words work together to create a new view. Send drawings, photos, collages, paintings, or comics that are interlinked with a text. A text inspired by an image (or vice versa) is preferred. 

Your complete submission must contain two separate files: one short text and one image.

  Text: up to 500 words in a Word .doc or .docx, inspired by the image

 & Separate Image: 4.5 inches in width; horizontal or vertical format; hi-res, 300 ppi

For general guidelines and more categories, please see: