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If you would like to submit work as well, please do so under the regular submission categories.

Get respectful, detailed feedback from the Editor. Find out what can make your work stand out and become stronger. Ask specific questions, if you like. Recommended exercises and readings may be included.

IN ONE FILE: Submit up to 3 stories or 1000 words of prose, or up to 5 poems to be considered for future editions of the magazine. All submissions in this category accompanied with payment will receive thoughtful, detailed suggestions and/or in-depth comments. Although there are no guarantees as to their acceptance, submissions are welcome to be resubmitted separately in the regular categories following revision.

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Are you interested in including your own writing in your book art? Wondering if what you have in mind has ever been done? Curious if there is a better way to tell your story? Experimenting with poetry?

Get respectful, gentle, detailed comments and constructive feedback from an established book artist and teacher, author, and editor to make your work stand out and become even stronger. The complete process is individually tailored for each person.

May also include personalized readings, exercises, and/or questions to explore to encourage you to create work that only you could make. 

One response per submission. Response time is up to two weeks.

IN ONE .DOC or .DOCX FILE: Submit the text for one artist book you are considering, up to five pages of double-spaced 12-pt. text. Include any specific questions you have.

(Please note that this submission is a service only and will not be considered for any publication by Star 82 Review or never mind the press.)

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